Shock absorber runout measuring tool

LABA7 presents a high-precision shock absorber runout measuring tool. It measures if stanchions and shafts still maintain their proper alignment. Use it with both shocks and forks.

Check if your shocks maintain proper alignment

LABA7 fork and shock runout measuring tool is very easy to use. It allows you to assess if there are any deviations from the desired specifications in minutes. For example, if the fork or shock has excessive eccentricity or misalignment.

The key features:

Calibrated, billet aluminum base plate
High-quality Hiwin rails
Adjustable gauge indicator

Price: 1000 EUR

LABA7 shock absorber runout measuring tool with shaft

Alignment tool for stanchions and shafts

LABA7 shock absorber runout measuring tool with shaft from top

Forks of road and off-road motorcycles as well as shocks of cars often are mechanically damaged – bent. It often happens during a crash but even a strong hit to a rock or pothole can harm them.

Even if the damage to stanchions and shafts is not visible to the naked eye, a bent fork or shock is almost impossible to fix. It will leak oil.

The tool helps to identify potential issues that could affect the performance, durability, and safety of the shock absorber.

It also helps to decide whether you can take corrective measures or whether components must be replaced to restore the optimal functionality of the shock absorber.

The best shock runout measuring tool for you

Piston Runout

This tool can measure not only the runout of the shaft, but the piston rod as well. It ensures smooth rotation within the cylinder bore without any excessive eccentricity or misalignment.

Shaft Runout

The runout of the shaft ensures it rotates without any significant wobbling or deviation from its central axis.

Bushing Alignment

Some shock absorbers use bushings not just for mounting but for alignment as well. Use this tool to verify the concentricity and alignment of the bushings with respect to the shock absorber body.

LABA7 shock absorber runout measuring tool gauge

Benefits of runout measuring tool

Performance Optimization

Runout measurements help ensure that the various components of a shock absorber, such as pistons, shafts, and bushings, are properly aligned and concentric. The tool helps to identify suboptimal parts in the shock absorber or fork and fix or replace them.

For workshops, it also simplifies and speeds up the process of checking run out of the damper shaft or other parts.

Vibration Reduction

When certain parts of the shock absorber or fork are not ideally straight, unwanted vibrations can occur. It will lead to uncomfortable rides, loss of stability, and bad handling of a bicycle, motorcycle, or car.

Improved Durability

They can also help identify potential issues with misalignment or eccentricity in shock absorber components. Using this tool manufacturers and suspension professionals can ensure that the components are within specified tolerances, reducing the risk of premature failure.

Quality Assurance

Runout measuring tools play a crucial role in quality control during the fork or shock absorber manufacturing and servicing processes. They help maintain consistent quality standards and reduce the likelihood of defective products reaching customers.

Moreover, if you work at a workshop that fixes and services shock absorbers, it will help you show and tell your customers what is the condition of their shock absorbers in a simple way.