LABA7 shock dyno software

Meet the shock dyno software

LABA7 shock dyno software is so easy to use, anyone can do it. Easy-to-understand graphs and live data are at your fingertips.

User-friendly dyno software

With a press of a button, you can see live shock dyno graphs of the damper you are testing. Whether it is Force vs. Displacement or Force vs. Velocity – you get all the data plotted to test the performance of your shock.

Easy-to-use shock dyno software LABA7

Outstanding quality control

We have full control over the development process. It allows us to optimize the products for accuracy and being easy to work with.

Superior dyno graphs

Our shock absorber dyno software is written, tested, and maintained in-house. This allows us to keep the software up-to-date without compromising your experience, including new features, regular updates, and efficient issue-solving.

Modern and easy-to-use

LABA7 data logger is capable of reading up to 64 000 samples per second. This colossal amount of information is processed by our software and visualized in graphs. Processing the data minimizes electric noise as well, enabling you to use precise graphs with exceptional precision.

Knowledge and expertise

Unlike some outdated and complex applications in the market, our software utilizes the benefits of C# programming language and the latest .Net framework. These and other contemporary technologies ensure an intuitive and easy-to-understand user experience.

LABA7 shock dyno software features

Accurate and quick shock absorber and sensor calibration
Automatic stroke calibration after stroke change
Interactive graphs (zoom in/out, mark data points, and more)
Intuitive graphs comparison
Advanced-level optimizations such as Peak Velocity Graph Interpolation or Interval Preset Management
Possibility to generate personalized reports
Runs on Windows OS
LABA7 shock dyno software features

Graphs generated by LABA7 software

Every second our capable data logger collects so much information humans can’t read it all. That is why our software visualizes this staggering amount of information into easy-to-read shock dyno graphs.

If you would like to know more about the graphs and the information they provide, check this article on how to read shock dyno graphs.

Force vs. Displacement

Force vs Displacement graph shock dyno LABA7

PVP – Peak Velocity Plot

PVP - Peak Velocity Plot - graph shock dyno LABA7

Avg. Force vs. Displacement

Avg. Force vs. Displacement graph shock dyno LABA7

Force vs. Velocity

Force vs Velocity graph shock dyno LABA7

Force vs. Average Velocity

Force vs Average Velocity graph shock dyno LABA7

Force vs Combined Velocity

Force vs Combined Velocity graph shock dyno LABA7

Force vs. Time

Force vs Time graph shock dyno LABA7

Force vs. Peak Velocity

Force vs Peak Velocity graph shock dyno LABA7

Temperature vs Time

Temperature vs Time graph shock dyno LABA7

Smart and custom features

By developing the shock absorber dyno software in-house, we can create tailored features that our customers need. Later we deploy these valuable functionalities for all our clients and partners.


Gas Pressure Elimination
Spring force elimination
Temperature control