Shock absorber stretching and measuring tool

LABA7 shock absorber stretching and measuring tool is a must-have in every shock workshop. No more guesstimates – measure, vacuum and fill shock absorbers with certainty.

Service shock absorbers of any vehicle

This handy new tool is available in two sizes so you could measure any shock absorber. One can stretch and measure shocks between 150 and 500 mm and another – between 300 and 1200 mm long.

The kit’s inclusion of mountings in various diameters enhances its versatility even further to:

10mm 12mm 13mm

The tool is made from durable, anodized, billet aluminium and equipped with corrosion and wear-resistant chrome-coated calibrated shafts.

To increase the accuracy of the tool even more, it can be attached to various surfaces for stability.


160-600 mm - 550 EUR
300-1200 mm - 750 EUR
shock absorber stretching and measuring tool with semi transparent shock absorber

The best stretching and measuring tool for you

Measure the length of the shock absorber between attachment points

Measure the length of the shock absorber between attachment points when you need to compress the top-out spring

Keep the shock absorber stretched while vacuuming or filling it with oil so that the piston shaft would not slide in

Benefits of a shock absorber stretching and measuring tool

Evaluation of shock absorber performance

The tool allows for accurate measurement of the extension and compression capabilities of the shock absorber. This helps determine if the shock absorber is functioning within the expected parameters.

Maintenance optimization

By regularly using the tool, you can identify potential issues with the shock absorbers before they cause further damage or affect vehicle performance. This proactive approach helps prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensures optimal performance.

Enhanced safety

LABA7 shock absorber stretching and measuring tool enables precise assessment of shock absorber condition, ensuring that worn-out or faulty units are promptly replaced, thus maintaining safe driving conditions.

Cost savings

By accurately diagnosing the condition of shock absorbers, the tool helps avoid unnecessary replacements. This saves costs by only replacing shock absorbers that are genuinely worn-out or defective, reducing unnecessary maintenance expenses.

Improved ride comfort

The stretching and measuring tool helps ensure that the shock absorbers are performing optimally, resulting in an enhanced driving experience.