Shock dyno adapters for MOTO dampers

These shock dyno adapters for MOTO dampers are meticulously crafted in the signature LABA7 style, employing robust and dependable materials for lasting durability and precise testing capabilities. Tailored specifically for the unique requirements of motorcycle suspension systems, these adapters play a crucial role in optimizing the testing process for both front forks and rear shocks.

 LABA7 shock dyno adapters for MOTO forks and shocks

Self-preload clevis

This adapter streamlines shock absorber testing. It enables quick and easy mounting/dismounting of dampers and ensures efficiency in testing.

Especially convenient when testing shocks with expansion tanks.

Can be mounted both at the top and bottom.

Price – 200 EUR

MOTO fork adapter

  • MOTO fork adapter for 54 mm, 55 mm, and 56 mm forks.
  • Custom inserts are available.


Price – 600 EUR

Set of adapters for MOTO cartridges:

  • TOP M51 x 1 mm
  • TOP M50 x 1 mm
  • TOP M51 x 1,5 mm
  • BOTTOM M20 x 1 mm
  • BOTTOM M22 x 1 mm
  • BOTTOM M15 x 1 mm
  • BOTTOM M24 x 1 mm
  • BOTTOM M22 x 1.25 mm
  • BOTTOM D21

Price – 800 EUR

Why use shock dyno adapters for MOTO dampers?

Adapters serve as indispensable connectors, establishing a standardized link between the shock dyno and the intricate geometry of motorcycle components. This standardized connection ensures that testing conditions faithfully replicate real-world riding scenarios, fostering more accurate and repeatable results.

The significance of precision in motorcycle suspension testing cannot be overstated, as it enables engineers and manufacturers to fine-tune suspension systems with confidence, leading to improved performance and responsiveness. LABA7 shock dyno adapters for motorcycles exemplify a commitment to excellence, providing a foundation for achieving the highest level of accuracy in testing and contributing to advancements in motorcycle suspension technology