Fully automatic shock vacuum bleed pump

Refilling oil for shocks has never been easier. Connect, press the button, and the LABA7 vacuum bleed pump will do the rest.

Forget air bubbles. Perfect oil refill every time

We developed three vacuum bleeder pump models that easily service any shock. LABA7 vacuum bleed pumps are easy to use, efficient, and save you time. Modern components and exceptional build quality ensure no air is present while servicing anything from the tiniest MTB to the largest off-road shocks.

They share essential features to ensure high vacuum density and quality oil fill but are designed for different use cases. Contact us and the LABA7 team will help you choose the pump that is the best for your business.

Vacuum Bleed Pump MODULE

Probably, the most advanced pump to bring to the track day in your racing van or truck. It is very compact and will fit in the tightest spaces but still will be able to deliver the same features as our bigger pumps. Connect two external tanks to be able to fill up to two shocks at the same time.

Fully automatic  
8 custom presets  
Internal tanks No
External tanks Yes
Two filling modes Bladder shock and Separating piston
Adjustable pressure 0.5 - 5 BAR
Adjustable vacuum -0.3 - -0.99 BAR
Dimensions 260 x 271 x 343 mm

Price: 2500 EUR

Vacuum bleed pump MODULE LABA7

Vacuum Bleed Pump PRO

The most advanced vacuum bleed pump in our lineup. It has two 6-liter tanks that enable you to service even the largest dampers easily.

The optional external oil tank expands its functionalities even further. It allows you to fill up to three shocks simultaneously and makes it ideal for professionals who are working with more than two types of shock absorber oil.

Fully automatic  
8 custom presets  
Internal tanks Yes, two
External tanks Yes, optional
Two filling modes Bladder shock and Separating piston
Adjustable pressure 0.5 - 5 BAR
Adjustable vacuum -0.3 - -0.99 BAR
Dimensions 411x497x551 mm

Price: 4000 EUR

LABA7 Vacuum Bleed pump PRO

Vacuum Bleed Pump DAILY

This pump is designed to stand in every workshop and help refill shocks with ease. DAILY is slightly smaller than the PRO pump and shares key features. It has two 3-liter tanks and is capable of filling two shocks at the same time.

Fully automatic  
8 custom presets  
Internal tanks Yes, two
External tanks No
Two filling modes Bladder shock and Separating piston
Adjustable pressure 0.5 - 5 BAR
Adjustable vacuum -0.3 - -0.99 BAR
Dimensions 333x497x478 mm

Price: 2950 EUR

LABA7 Vacuum Bleed Pump DAILY

External vacuum pump tank

It extends the versatility of PRO and MODULE vacuum bleed pumps. When you are working with multiple types of oil, you can service different shocks without ever needing to change the type of oil in the tank. It comes in two sizes: 3 and 6 liters. 


Detectable automatically Yes
Dimensions (6-liter tank) 287 x 577 x 284 mm
Dimensions (3-liter tank) 225 x 537 x 250 mm

500 EUR (3-liter)
700 EUR (6-liter)

LABA7 3-liter external oil tank

Advantages of LABA7 vacuum bleed pumps

Automatic vacuuming and filling

Save your time by easily programming vacuum and fill cycles. It is as easy as making a cup of coffee – connect a shock or a bladder, press the button, and LABA7 shock vacuum pumps will do everything for you. In the meantime, you can rest, do other work, or you can monitor vacuum and pressure levels with high precision in real-time on the LCD screen.

To ensure maximum safety of the shock, your workshop, and you, we developed smart algorithms that detect if there is a leak in the shock or the system.

Customizable and adjustable presets

LABA7 vacuum bleed pumps allow you to program up to eight cycles to automate your work even further. You can set the time, vacuum and oil pressure, and the number of cycles.

If you are working with multiple types of shocks and bladders, customize and save a preset for each of them.

High-density vacuum

All of our pumps achieve vacuum density as low as 2000 microns. It ensures to reduce the gas content to a minimum during the filling process. At the same time, it enables you to service shocks and bladders faster as it requires performing fewer cycles.

Altitude adjustment

Elevation can play a significant role in the optimal vacuum process. That is why all of our shock vacuum pumps come with adjustable altitude settings.

Set your elevation above sea level to achieve outstanding results in vacuuming your shocks and bladders.

Multiple shocks filled at the same time

Our suspension vacuum pumps can fill up to three shocks or bladders at the same time. The process is as simple and easy as servicing a single unit. Connect, press the button, and our vacuum bleeder pumps will do the rest.

Adapters that make servicing even easier

Experience the epitome of efficiency as our adapter kits simplify the bleeding process, eliminating air pockets that could compromise the performance of your shock absorbers. By ensuring a bubble-free operation, our adapters contribute to a smoother, more responsive ride, allowing your equipment to deliver its best performance in any condition.

LABA7 vacuum bleed pump adapters MTB

Why shock vacuum pump is necessary?

To optimize the performance of a damper, it is essential to minimize the amount of gas present in the oil chamber. This is where our vacuum bleed pumps come into play. It extracts air through a bleed port and then automatically switches to pressure filling. The shock is cycled during this process to ensure there are no trapped bubbles in the system.

Fluids are considered incompressible but that is a theory. In practice, a new bottle of suspension oil can contain approximately 10% gas dissolved in the liquid. The vacuum pump plays a crucial role in reducing this gas content to a minimum during the vacuum and filling process.

LABA7 vacuum bleed pump facing left with reflection

Automatic vs Manual vacuum bleed pump

Some of the suspension parts, like bladders or cartridges, are very sensitive to vacuum. Being able to adjust the pressure of the vacuum, enables you to bleed them with lower and safer vacuum levels. That is not possible when using a manual device.

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