Automatic spring tester for any spring

Our fully automatic spring tester allows you to check the spring rate of any fork or shock absorber. Track performance data wirelessly in real-time.

Range of LABA7 spring rate testers

Shock spring tester – workshop’s must-have

LABA7 spring test machines are developed having suspension professionals in mind. They are being used in workshops, springs manufacturers as well as motorsport teams.

Our automatic spring dynos enable you to test any spring of any shock, whether it is a fork spring, air spring, bump stop, or even gas pressure. They are very easy to use and provide the most accurate results immediately on the screen of your device.

Spring rate dyno DAILY

Adjustable stroke 0-300mm
Maximum allowed force 10 000N
Free rear spring length 374mm (easy to customize)
Free front spring length 564mm (easy to customize)
Dimensions 642x1904x570
Weight 200 kg

Fully automatic spring rate tester for shock springs, fork springs, air springs, coils, and bump stops of any size. Whether you are working with MTBs, motorcycles, cars, off-road trucks, or race cars, all springs can be tested. Custom adapters can be used to test springs up to 1000mm.

Price: 3 800 EUR

LABA7 Spring rate tester

Spring rate dyno MINI

Adjustable stroke 0-150mm
Maximum allowed force 10 000N
Free rear spring length 305mm (easy to customize)
Free front spring length 430mm (easy to customize)
Dimensions 505×957×310
Weight ~70kg

Sharing the majority of the features makes it the compact version of the LABA7 spring rate dyno. Even though the Mini has a smaller stroke it still can be a very powerful tool at your disposal. It can test rates of the most common shock springs, forks springs, air springs, and bump stops.

Price: 3000 EUR

LABA7 Mini Spring rate tester

PRO spring rate dyno

Stroke 0-350mm
Maximum allowed force 15 000N
Motor Electromechanical (220V/110V)
Spring length Easilly adjustable
Dimensions 642×2144×570 mm
Weight 200 kg

The most powerful spring rate tester in the LABA7 range. Its principal components are reinforced to accommodate massive loads. We designed this machine to test heavy-duty coilovers, springs, and other rebounding suspension parts—perfect for manufacturers and workshops specializing in SUV and truck suspensions. 

Price: 8000 EUR

Spring rate tester PRO by LABA7

No more limits – spring dyno adapters

With a focus on versatility and clients, we supply a range of adapters for our spring rate testers. Their range covers any type of vehicle from MTBs to 4x4s: motorcycles, circuit racing, and dirt track racing vehicles.

Adapters are not compatible with the spring tester PRO.

Spring dyno shock absorber for moto/car adapter
Spring rate tester - Moto adapter kit - Fork adapter for 54 mm and 56 mm forks
Spring rate tester - MTB adapter kit - Fork adapter
Spring rate tester - MTB/Moto adapter kit - Self-preload clevis and U-Clamp for rear shocks

Accurate by design

LABA7 spring rate dynos not only allow you to adjust the stroke and speed of the machine, but they are developed to be accurate and precise from the ground up.

Perfect spring measurement requires an extremely slow linear motion. Our spring testers use mechanical motors that compress springs vertically as slow as 5 mm per second. This ensures the collection of the most reliable data.

On top of that load cell in LABA7 machines is located on top of the vertical shaft. This solution drastically improves the accuracy of measurements as it eliminates friction caused by the bushing.

Spring rate tester wireframe

Advantages of LABA7 spring testers

Fully automatic

As with all LABA7 equipment, spring testers are built with simplicity in mind. Place a spring, fork, or coil into the machine, choose the settings, and it will run the test. Analyze the performance through the force vs displacement graph and progressiveness of the spring.

Wireless connectivity

Connect the spring tester to your device via a local Wi-Fi network or a USB cable. Both ways allow you to track performance in real-time.


During the spring rate test, it is affected by a tremendous amount of force. In case of a faulty spring, the outcome can be dire. To protect the operator and the workshop, both LABA7 spring rate dynos are equipped with Plexiglass shield and steel casings.

MTB and motorcycle fork adapters

To meet the needs of our customers, LABA7 spring testers come equipped with special adaptors for MTB or motorcycle forks. Self-preload clevis and U-shaped mount for rear shocks have special plastic heads to protect tested units from damage.

Custom mounts

If you are testing springs, forks, or coils of unconventional sizes, there is a possibility to develop custom mounts for them. Please contact us for more information.

Seal drag testing

Both of our spring compression testers can be used as spring tension testers as well. The seal drag test measures the force needed to move suspension components and maintain a seal to prevent contamination. It’s important to ensure the proper function and longevity of the suspension system.

Benefits of LABA7 spring rate tester

Know your springs

Measure the exact force created by the springs, forks, and coils. As there is no universal measurement protocol every manufacturer does it slightly differently. Some measure the springs with a little preload, while others don’t, thus declared spring rate of both may differ. Knowing the precise spring rate will help to choose the right spring according to the weight of the athlete, bike, or car.

Test bump stops

LABA7 spring rate dyno also can measure the force of the bump stops. Bump stops are important because they prevent damage to the suspension system and maintain consistent handling. They also help to absorb vibrations and provide a smoother ride.

Spring dyno

Measure air springs

Test the real force created by air springs of MTB and motorcycle forks.

Measure bearing friction

Using our spring rate dyno, you can measure and evaluate the forces differences between individual bearings. Manufacturers of shock absorbers, forks, and coils pay a lot of attention to friction because it creates an unwanted and uncontrolled force. LABA7 spring rate tester enables you to select seals that create the least friction and increase the efficiency of your suspension.

Reports and labels

If you are working with many different springs, forks, and coils, our spring-testing machines can help to mark them quickly. Print the report label with spring force after the test that includes force generated in kN.

Spring rate tester

LABA7 spring dyno software

LABA7 spring dyno software
Force vs Displacement graph
Average spring rate
Comparison of different runs
Print-ready reports and labels
Simple Wi-Fi setup

 Why is it important to test springs?

Even identically looking springs can perform differently. It can be affected by both used materials and manufacturing processes. For riders, testing springs ensure using the right spring for their weight. For drivers, it allows impact performance of the car by simply choosing the right spring for the right corner of the car.

It is also worth mentioning that this device can be coil spring tester as well. 

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