Vacuum bleed pump adapters for MOTO

Our vacuum bleed pump adapters for MOTO dampers are essential tools for preserving the peak performance of shock absorbers. These adapters facilitate the effective removal of air from the dampers and the replenishment of hydraulic fluid, guaranteeing that motorcycle shocks operate at their highest level of performance.

 LABA7 vacuum bleed pump adapters for MOTO shocks

MOTO adapter kit

  • WP – all shocks and WP steering dampers
  • KAYABA – MX and Street
  • SHOWA – MX and Street
  • ÖHLINS – all shocks and steering dampers
  • Mono Cross SACHS


Price – 350 EUR

MOTO gas tank adapter kit

For the following diameters of expansion tanks:

  • 40 mm
  • 46 mm
  • 48 mm
  • 52 mm
  • 54 mm
  • 60 mm
  • 64 mm

Price – 400 EUR

Glass adapter

Made from durable materials. It allows you to visually inspect the hydraulic fluid for air bubbles and contaminants, ensuring a thorough and precise bleeding procedure.

Price – 130 EUR

Why use vacuum bleed pump adapters for MOTO shocks?

Vacuum bleed pump adapters for MOTO dampers help to deliver optimal performance and longevity. These adapters are essential for precise maintenance, efficiently removing air bubbles and contaminants from the hydraulic fluid. They help to prevent spongy or inconsistent suspension, ensuring a smooth ride.

Routine maintenance is vital for peak performance. These adapters simplify the bleeding process, enhancing efficiency for professionals and promoting a responsive ride. This not only benefits riders but also extends the shock absorber lifespan.

In the dynamic world of motorcycling, where precision is paramount, these adapters are a workshop essential, providing reliable service for dedicated riders.