Universal shaft clamp set for MTB

LABA7 shaft clamp set is an essential tool for the mounting and dismounting of MTB forks and rear shocks. It provides a strong and damage-free clamping of dampers while offering a wide range of inserts.

Set of shaft clamps you are looking for

Universal Clamp Set for MTB shocks and forks offers a wide range of sizes, precise and secure clamping, improved clearance, and a host of convenient features tailored for efficient work.

This set is the most comprehensive option available, offering a range of 45 sizes to fit forks and dampers.

6.0 7.4 8.0 9.0 9.5 10.0 10.4
12.0 12.5 12.7 13.0 14.0 15.0 15.75
16.0 16.7 16.9 17.5 18.0 18.7 19.0
19.5 19.7 20.0 20.5 22.2 22.5 23.9
25.0 25.4 26.0 26.7 26.9 28.0 28.6
29.0 30.0 31.8 32.0 32.5 33.9 35.0
36.0 38.0 40.0

It features precisely machined shaft beds and clamping inserts made of hard aluminum 7075. This ensures a strong grip while keeping the shaft’s coating safe.

Price: 800 EUR

shaft clamp set for MTB

Why should you use LABA7 shaft clamps?

Prevents cosmetic and structural damage to damper body and shaft.

Compatible with all current forks and shocks of major manufacturers.

Made from premium materials and components to ensure longevity.

shaft clamp LABA7

More benefits of our universal shaft clamp set

Ergonomically shaped offset

With its ergonomically shaped offset design, the clamp set provides improved clearance between the clamp and the shock’s piggyback, as well as between clamped large shafts and the vice.

Enhanced stability

To ensure stability before tightening, it includes six strong magnets and a thick guiding pin that holds both clamps in place. Magnets are made from neodymium.

Convenient work

There is a large flat zone between the two clamping beds, and an optional flat insert is available, allowing you to use a part of the clamp as safe aluminum vice jaws.

Easy to keep order

For easy arrangement and quick changes during work, this set comes with an ergonomic foam holder.