Car scales app

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Race Car Scales App

Connecting your iOS or Android device to the LABA7 race car scales is a breeze, taking only a couple of seconds with the in-house built Race Car Scales app.

Multiple innovative features in one application

Once connected through Bluetooth to the race car scales, the application is ready to measure the center of mass, evaluating the width of the car’s axles and the distance between them.

Car scales app

Personalized measurement

Every time a vehicle is weighed, the LABA7 app evaluates not only the weight but also the position of the driver and the fuel tank, helping you to achieve optimal mass distribution for superior performance.

The most accurate weighing results on the market

Developed by the minds and hands of professional racers, the LABA7 Race Car Scales app is meant to provide you with highly precise weighing results with an accuracy of 0.015%.

Portable weigh tests

The combination of the LABA7 race car weighing system and the app for them allows you to weigh your car even outside your workshop. All it takes is your smartphone, Bluetooth connection, the weighing pads, and the Race Car Scales app.

Everlasting growth

Our team develops all LABA7 software in-house, ensuring no third-party involvement. This allows us to continuously enhance the weighing app by adding new features and improving its design.

LABA7 Race Car Scales software features

Highly accurate weighing results with precision up to 0.015%
Optional driver and petrol tank's weight and position incorporation during vehicle weighing
Individual mass center measurement for each vehicle
You'll receive precise results in either graphic or text format.
Possibility to connect either all four or certain selected race car scales pads
Lightning-fast connection to devices through Bluetooth
Wireless racing scales compatible with iOS and Android
Racing scales

Upcoming features

LABA7 is built by a team of people who dream big and make those dreams come true. Therefore, we are not stopping making the racing scales app even more capable.

The recent inclusion of the driver and petrol tank’s weight and position has motivated us to begin developing a feature that enables measuring the center of mass of your car in 3D space.

 So, stay tuned and be the first one to try out top-notch features! For now, check this article, if you are interested in learning how to use a race car scales.