Electromagnetic shock dyno EMA

EMA Electromagnetic actuator

EMA by LABA7 comes feature-rich and brings jaw-dropping specs. We developed our electromagnetic shock dyno to deliver remarkably accurate results at an affordable price.

To provide the best damper testing experience and results, we designed next-gen components in-house from the ground up. The data logger, control unit, power supply unit, and others allow EMA to ensure unparalleled performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Experience excellence with EMA by LABA7.

EMA 30 kW

Peak force 11.9 kN @ 2 m/s
Stroke 0 - 200 mm
Maximum velocity ~7 m/s
Maximum acceleration ~40 G
Power requirements 1-phase 220 V or 240 V

The entry-level electromagnetic shock dyno by LABA7 is a beast in its own right. It packs enough speed, acceleration, and force to test even the biggest of dampers but can be powered from a simple power socket. We designed this EMA to be used in workshops or paddocks during races.

Best to test shocks of:


Price: 50 000 EUR

EMA shock dyno

EMA 60 kW

Peak force 25 kN @ 2 m/s
Stroke 0 - 200 mm
Maximum velocity ~7 m/s
Maximum acceleration ~40 G
Power requirements 380 VAC / 400 VAC - from 16 A

With a solid blend of power and versatility, this EMA offers a formidable solution for shock testing. Designed to deliver impressive force and accuracy, this model is ideal for testing and fine-tuning standard dampers or high-performance suspensions.

Best to test shocks of:


Price: 75 000 EUR

EMA shock dyno

EMA 90 kW

Peak force 33.8 kN @ 2 m/s
Stroke 0 - 200 mm
Maximum velocity ~7 m/s
Maximum acceleration ~40 G
Power requirements 380 VAC / 400 VAC - from 16 A

This EMA strikes the perfect balance between raw power, precision, and efficiency. This cutting-edge electromagnetic shock dyno is engineered to handle the demands of professional testing environments with ease.

Best to test shocks of:


Price: 110 000 EUR

EMA shock dyno

EMA 120 kW

Peak force 47.5 kN @ 2 m/s
Stroke 0 - 200 mm
Maximum velocity ~7 m/s
Maximum acceleration ~40 G
Power requirements 380 VAC / 400 VAC - from 16 A

Nicknamed "Super EMA," this behemoth of power packs a serious punch. It is the ultimate choice for professionals seeking unparalleled performance, accuracy, and repeatability in electromagnetic shock dyno testing.

Best to test shocks of:


Price: 160 000 EUR

EMA shock dyno

Looking for traditional shock dynos?

What makes EMA special?

Future-proofed investment

In-house developed components allow us to have full control of compatibility, delivery of the most accurate results, and upgradability. Not to mention opening opportunities to innovate and create 100% unique features.

From regular software updates to the delivery of brand-new features – rest assured EMA by LABA7 is future-proofed.

Data logger

The data logger for EMA is a marvel. Our engineers developed it in-house with the sole objective of detecting even the tiniest force changes in damper performance.

It boasts an impressive position resolution and sampling rate of 50 nanometers at 20 kHz digitally. The load cell resolution and sampling rate are equally impressive at 20 bit at 20 kHz.

Even more so, its temperature sampling and analog output and input channels are designed for precision and flexibility. With interfaces ranging from Ethernet to Wi-Fi, and HDMI to USB, it’s equipped for any modern application.

High sampling rates are essential. Even a fraction of a second delay in force application can influence a vehicle’s performance.

Make the right – data-based – decisions.

Control unit

By developing the control unit of EMA in-house, we’ve gained comprehensive knowledge of its intricate performance nuances. This expertise enables us to finely tune electromagnetic actuators for precise damper testing applications.

Moreover, the control unit seamlessly interfaces with the data logger, facilitating real-time feedback on damping forces generated by the shock absorber.

Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies such as silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs has empowered us to generate significantly more power at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, the control unit orchestrates the operation of the smart power supply, enhancing the efficiency of EMA by LABA7 while reducing energy consumption. This innovation ensures accessibility even in workshops lacking a 380V power supply, making advanced damper testing capabilities available to a broader audience.

EMA by LABA7 Control Unit

Power unit

The smart power supply unit of the LABA7 EMA is a game-changer in how we approach power needs. While the larger EMA versions require a 380 V 16-32 A connection, the smallest model can operate from a standard 220 V outlet.

The high voltage power supply to the actuators, facilitated by supercapacitor packs, eliminates the dependency on high voltage/amperage mains input. This innovation opens up new possibilities, allowing any suspension workshop to own and utilize an electrodynamic linear actuator for the first time.

Previously, running an electromagnetic shock dyno required very high power inputs. Now, you no longer need your own personal power plant to operate it. You can simply plug it into a regular power outlet and start running tests.

EMA power supply system

Advantages of LABA7 shock dynos

Repeatable results

The LABA7 electromagnetic shock dyno ensures consistently repeatable results, providing confidence in every test conducted.

Low maintenance

EMA requires minimal maintenance as it has only a few mechanical components, thus guaranteeing longevity and operational efficiency.

High efficiency

EMA employs a smart power supply system enabling it to conduct damper tests at a staggering velocity of 7 m/s, all while maintaining a modest power consumption rate.

High performance

EMA combines high force, immediate acceleration, and remarkable speed with a data logger that provides unprecedented data precision and depth.


LABA7 electromagnetic shock dyno produces a comprehensive range of waveforms, encompassing sinusoidal, triangular, impulse, sine-on-sine, and custom.

Expand your possibilities with shock dyno adapters

LABA7 shock dyno adapters create a seamless link, allowing for the most accurate and insightful tests of your shock absorbers. The result – enhanced performance, efficiency, and a deeper understanding of your equipment’s capabilities.

Electromagnetic linear actuator. Unlock efficiency

Electromagnetic actuators of EMA utilize the principles of electromagnetism to convert electrical energy into linear motion. In tandem with the control unit and data logger, they offer high-speed operation, precise control, and the ability to generate substantial force.

Another benefit is less mechanical parts. Even in the most advanced actuators mechanical gears, screws, or belts create friction that affects the accuracy of the results. They also tend to wear out and require regular maintenance.

EMA Electromagnetic linear actuator

Electromagnetic vs Scotch-Yoke shock dyno

It’s crucial to note that neither EMA nor Scotch-Yoke dynos are inherently better or worse; they serve different purposes.

The EMA is primarily aimed at performance testing and ultra-fine tuning of dampers, providing the precision needed for the most critical stages of development. Whereas, Scotch-Yoke dynos excel in reliability and quality assurance testing.

While a Scotch-Yoke dyno can handle about 80% of daily work, for the last 20%—which demands ultra-precise adjustments and detailed performance testing—there’s no substitute for an electromagnetic shock dyno by LABA7.

EMA Electromagnetic actuator by LABA7

Unleash the power of your suspension

Performance comparison

EMA by LABA7 self-preload clevis

Whether evaluating left versus right dampers, front versus back setups, or simply assessing different damper settings, our software offers seamless before-and-after visualizations. This feature is indispensable for showcasing improvements to clients during servicing or tuning sessions.


Shock dyno graph - Force vs displacement

Diagnose damper issues swiftly and accurately. LABA7 shock dyno software generates multiple graphs in real time, providing immediate insights into shock or fork behavior during compression and rebound. Whether it’s identifying blocked oil passages, broken shims, or cavitation due to insufficient gas pressure, our dyno graph swiftly pinpoints the root cause of any anomaly.

Ultra-fine tuning and adjustment

EMA by LABA7 module

Navigate tuning and adjustment processes with ease. EMA replicates a wide range of waves and impulses bringing shock absorber testing as much to real-life conditions as it is possible. In addition to that the data is of extremely high accuracy, allowing you to make informed adjustments tailoring damper to individual preferences. By interpreting graphs alongside, you can ultra-fine-tune the suspension to meet even the most demanding requirements that translate into tangible on-track improvements.

Quality control and warranty

LABA7 EMA damper testing

Ensure quality and uphold warranty standards through rigorous quality control measures. Before customer delivery, subject dampers to dyno testing to swiftly identify and rectify potential errors. This proactive approach guarantees customer satisfaction and minimizes the risk of warranty claims.

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