MTB shock tester

MTB shock tester, also known as the shock hand dyno, is designed with precision engineering by LABA7. This hand tester for MTB shocks provides cyclists and manufacturers alike with unparalleled insight into the performance dynamics of suspension components.

This hand shock tester offers a simple and affordable solution for assessing shock absorbers of mountain bikes. It enables suspension mechanics to measure critical parameters such as compression and rebound characteristics with exceptional accuracy and repeatability.

Two versions: electronic and manual shock tester

Both versions include mountings for:

  • Trunnion shocks – 55 mm, M10 x 1,5
  • Strutmount – M8
  • FOX Brain – 81 mm
  • FOX Brain 2.0 – 73 mm
  • Top eyelet mount: 8/10/12/12,7/15 mm
  • Bottom eyelet mount: 8/10/12/12,7/15 mm

Shock testers with electronics also include:

  • Pancake-type load cell
  • Easy-to-use app for Android and iOS devices
  • Electronics power supply – 3 x AA batteries

Manual MTB shock tester price: 650 EUR

MTB shock tester with electronics price: 950 EUR

Shock tester by LABA7

Features of the shock tester app

Hand dyno app by LABA7

The sensor displayed in this image collects data on the force used to test a damper. This information is then transmitted to either an Android or iOS device for easy access and display.

This enables technicians to track how much force they use in each of their tests.

  • Real-time force tracking and display.
  • Maximum force (automatic lock).
  • Minimum force (automatic lock).
  • Tare function.
  • Calibration capability.
  • Saving reports.

Key benefits of the LABA7 hand dyno


Utilizing a hand dyno, technicians can detect various product issues, while consumers benefit from increased transparency and understanding of product performance.


Hand dyno isolates the MTB damper and ensures thorough checks on it, whether for repairs, rebuilds, or new products. 


MTB shock tester allows comparisons between new and used components, as well as different products. Even more so, it helps to understand product design and performance better.

Hand shock absorber tester by LABA7

Issues detectable using shock hand dyno

Using our hand shock tester, whether manual or electronic, any technician with some skill can analyze MTB dampers by conducting a series of straightforward assessments.

Some examples of issues detectable with shock absorber tester include but are not limited to:

  • Detection of low-speed oil bleeding in lock-out or high-threshold compression circuits.
  • Identification of IFP gas loss or undercharging.
  • Evaluation of gas mixture within the damper oil.
  • Verification of correct IFP positioning.
  • Recognition of broken adjuster components.
  • Inspection for loose piston bolts, pistons, and other internal parts.
  • Assessment of cracks or permanent deformations in shims.
  • Measurement of oil fill levels, ensuring they are neither too low nor too high.
  • Identification of debris within the oil that may cause intermittent damping circuit failures.
  • Diagnosis of shuttling issues caused by slow or leaking checks, loose piston glide rings, and other related part design or quality concerns.