The future of shock absorber testing

LABA7 delivers precise, straightforward, and reliable equipment to test, tune, and maintain shock absorbers.

What is LABA7?

We design, manufacture, and distribute quality equipment to repair, test, and service shock absorbers.

LABA7 is more than a team. We are bonded by hard work and big dreams. We see details that others miss and work till it’s perfect.

All products are developed with a focus on you – the user. Our machines are simple to work with, accurate, durable, and simply beautiful to look at. Our goal is simple: make the customer happy.

At LABA7, we don’t just do the job, we go beyond. We are committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients. From the initial consultation to support after purchase, we strive to help you achieve your goals.

We are building the future of shock absorber testing, one shock dyno at a time.

What is LABA7

LABA7 equipment and suspension tools

Built by racers and mechanics, LABA7 equipment is made with a focus on simplicity in servicing and tuning your suspension. Our products are built using premium components and are designed to last. We strive to create the most user-friendly equipment for people working with bicycle, motorcycle, and automotive suspensions.

Shock dynos

For maximum precision and accuracy LABA7 shock dynos employ a robust hardware construction, Scotch Yoke mechanism, in-house developed high-accuracy electronics, and much more. The combination of these components enables you to test shock absorbers at various speeds and examine the results in real-time force vs velocity and force vs displacement graphs.

Spring rate testers

Our fully automatic spring rate dynos allow you to test the spring rate of any shock absorber spring, fork spring, air spring, bump stop, or even gas pressure. They are very easy to use and deliver the most accurate results immediately to the screen of your device.

Vacuum bleed pumps

The most advanced vacuum bleed pump on the market. It is fully automatic, has programmable cycles, adjustable vacuum and pressure settings, and more. Refilling the shock absorber is as simple as making a cup of coffee – connect, press the button, and the pump will do the rest.

Race car scales

LABA7 car scales are equipped with 4 load sensors per pad for maximum precision. They calibrate automatically and offer full wireless operations via your mobile application – both iOS and Android.

Suspension tools

LABA7 also develops and manufactures high-quality suspension tools for anyone who repairs and services shock absorbers or forks. Made from premium materials and components, precise, and very durable.

Why do workshops, manufacturers, and race teams choose LABA7?



Accurate and consistent results every time



Designed and built to last



Easy to use and operate with minimal training



Devoted customer service and technical assistance time


Intuitive software

User-friendly interface and data representation


Beautiful design

Sleek and modern industrial design that looks great in any workspace

Where is LABA7 based?

LABA7 is based in Lithuania, European Union. All our operations and final assembly of LABA7 products are performed at our headquarters.

To ensure the highest quality and performance most of the components used in our machines are built in the EU as well.

In case you would like to inspect our equipment personally, we have a global network of partners. They can showcase our equipment in action near your location. Simply arrange a meeting!

Where is LABA7 based?