Race car scales accesories

LABA7 offers race car scales accessories that make the weighing process even easier. These accessories complement our racing scales, providing additional features and functionalities to streamline the weighing process for various racing applications.

Because we understand that precision extends to every aspect of racing, and that includes weight measurement.

 LABA7 accessories for racing scales


They ensure optimal tire alignment, promoting accurate weight distribution for peak performance.

Price – 500 EUR

Drive-on ramps 

Weigh your race car with ease wherever you go. Simply drive on the ramp. No lifts are required.

Price – 500 EUR

Protective case

Perfect fit for race car scales PRO. Made from aluminium. As it is very light and easy to move around – it’s ideal to travel with the scales to various race stages. 

Price – 500 EUR

Accessories for LABA7’s cornerweight scales

When it comes to racing teams that rely on precision for optimal race car performance, cornerweight scales accessories are indispensable. Accurate weight distribution enhances handling, traction, and overall efficiency on the track.

Drive-on ramps, sliders, and other accessories ensure the vehicle’s balance, allowing teams to fine-tune the dynamics for peak competitiveness. These tools not only boost on-track performance but also contribute to strategic decision-making, giving teams a crucial edge in the fast-paced world of motorsports.

Elevate your team’s racing experience with race car scale accessories – the key to unlocking the full potential of your race cars.