Greet the spring dyno software

The LABA7 spring dyno software ensures a user-friendly and state-of-the-art experience, no matter the level of your technical knowledge.

LABA7 Spring rate tester software

Spring dyno software with an intuitive UI

LABA7 spring rate tester software allows you to analyze both Force vs. Displacement and Spring Rate graphs in real-time in one place, retaining a high percentage of test repeatability, and guaranteeing you top-grade results.

Superior quality of LABA7 products

High test repeatability score

Due to the implementation of a highly precise encoder, our spring dynamometer consistently delivers repeatable test results. This ensures that you receive accurate and reliable data in the form of Force vs. Displacement and Spring Rate graphs.

Effortless navigation

From the setup to the analysis of the graphs – the spring rate tester software does not require time or effort to navigate through. Enjoy having both Force vs. Displacement and Spring Rate graphs in one place and access them on your computer in no time.

Constant improvement

All LABA7 software, including the spring dyno app, is created in-house. This enables our IT, mechanical, and engineering professionals to collaborate continually, enhancing not just the devices but also the software programs.

LABA7 spring rate tester software features

The “Test Travel” settings for measuring the distance the spring will be pressed
The "Max Allowed Force" setting for measuring how much force the engine will use to compress the spring
Three types of tests: Manual, Automatic, and Stretch
The spring traction measurement
Completes a selected cycle of tests in a row
Possibility to generate personalized reports
Runs on Windows OS
Spring rate dyno software

LABA7 spring rate dyno software-generated graphs

The combination of a top-notch spring dynamometer and highly precise encoder enables the spring rate tester software to convert numerous pieces of data into clear and reliable graphs that are accessible in real-time.

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