Spring rate tester adapters for MTB

Spring rate adapters for MTB are crucial for fine-tuning the suspension of your bicycle, ensuring an excellent riding experience. These adapters allow measuring and adjusting the spring rate precisely, determining how the suspension responds to varying terrain and rider input.

 LABA7 spring rate tester adapters for MTB shock absorbers

Self-preload clevis

This adapter enables quick and easy mounting/dismounting of rear shock absorbers.

Especially convenient when testing shocks with expansion tanks.

Can be mounted both at the top and bottom. Suitable for AUTO and MOTO dampers. 


Price – 200 EUR

Not compatible with the Spring Tester PRO.


Universal adapter for AUTO and MOTO.

Can be mounted both on top and bottom. 


Price – 100 EUR

Not compatible with the Spring Tester PRO.

MTB fork adapter

Mountain bike fork adapter with inserts for these forks:

  • 100×15 mm
  • 110×15 mm
  • 110×20 mm

Custom inserts are available.


Price – 350 EUR

Not compatible with the Spring Tester PRO.

Why use spring rate tester adapters for MTB dampers?

By using spring rate testers and adapters, mechanics can tailor MTB’s suspension to match unique riding style, weight, and the specific conditions on the trail. This level of customization is essential for maximizing performance, comfort, and control. Riders can achieve the perfect balance between responsiveness and support, enhancing their ability to tackle diverse terrains with confidence.

Furthermore, accurate spring rate adjustments contribute to improved handling and stability. For example, mechanics can fine-tune suspension to absorb shocks effectively while maintaining efficient power transfer. Whether navigating rocky descents or powering through technical climbs, the right spring rate ensures a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

In essence, investing in adapters for spring rate testers empowers MTB technicians to unlock the full potential of the bicycle, creating a personalized and optimized suspension system that enhances overall ride quality and performance on every trail.