Spring rate tester adapters for MOTO & AUTO

Spring rate adapters for MOTO and AUTO come into play when precision matters. These adapters are indispensable for professionals seeking a superb experience on their vehicles. By allowing precise measurement of the spring rate, they enable you to customize suspension to match the unique preferences of the rider or driver, their style, and the varied conditions encountered on the road.

 LABA7 spring rate tester adapters for MOTO & AUTO springs

Self-preload clevis

This adapter enables quick and easy mounting/dismounting of rear shock absorbers.

Especially convenient when testing shocks with expansion tanks.

Can be mounted both at the top and bottom. Suitable for AUTO and MOTO dampers. 


Price – 200 EUR

Not compatible with the Spring Tester PRO.


Universal adapter for AUTO and MOTO.

Can be mounted both on top and bottom. 


Price – 100 EUR

Not compatible with the Spring Tester PRO.

MOTO fork adapter

Motorcycle fork adapter with inserts for 54 mm, 55 mm, and 56 mm forks.

Custom inserts are available.


Price – 425 EUR

Not compatible with the Spring Tester PRO.

Why use spring rate tester adapters for MOTO dampers?

Motorcycle adapters for spring rate tester are the key to achieving an ideal balance between responsiveness and stability. Riders can fine-tune their bike’s suspension to absorb bumps, dips, and turns with precision, resulting in enhanced control and comfort. This level of customization is particularly vital for bikers of different weights and riding preferences, ensuring that the suspension system performs optimally under diverse circumstances.

Accurate spring rate adjustments contribute significantly to safety and handling. Whether cruising on highways, navigating city streets, or tackling challenging off-road terrain, a well-calibrated suspension system enhances overall stability and maneuverability.

Investing in motorcycle adapters for spring rate testers enables you to unlock the full potential of the bike. After creating a personalized and optimized suspension system, bikers can enjoy a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable ride, tailored to their individual preferences and the demands of the road.