Vacuum bleed pump adapters for MTB

Our vacuum bleed pump adapters for MTB are indispensable for maintaining the optimal performance of shock absorbers. These adapters deliver efficient bleeding of air from the dampers and filling them with oil, ensuring that they operate at their peak performance level.

 LABA7 vacuum bleed pump adapters for MTB shocks

MTB adapter kit

  • Rockshox Brain (pre 2018 and post), Charger, Pike, Lyrik, Yari, Boxxer, Monarch, Deluxe Plus, Vivid
  • Öhlins TTX22M, RXF36
  • Cane creek DB Inline
  • Marzzochi Bomber RC (2018+)

Price – 350 EUR

Glass adapter

Made from durable materials. It allows you to visually inspect the hydraulic fluid for air bubbles and contaminants, ensuring a thorough and precise bleeding procedure.

Price – 130 EUR

Why use vacuum bleed pump adapters for MTB shocks?

In any well-equipped suspension workshop, vacuum bleed pump adapters are indispensable tools for ensuring optimal performance and longevity of mountain bike (MTB) shock absorbers. These adapters play a crucial role in the maintenance and bleeding process that shocks require.

Precision is key in the realm of suspension systems, and these adapters enable technicians to remove air bubbles and contaminants from the shock’s hydraulic fluid with unparalleled accuracy. By creating a vacuum within the system, the adapters facilitate the extraction of unwanted air, preventing spongy or inconsistent performance in the suspension.

Regular maintenance is essential for MTB enthusiasts who demand peak performance from their rides. The adapters streamline the bleeding process, making it efficient and hassle-free for suspension professionals. This not only ensures a smoother, more responsive ride for cyclists but also extends the lifespan of the shock absorbers.

Investing in high-quality vacuum bleed pump adapters is an investment in the overall performance and durability of an MTB’s suspension system. In the fast-paced world of mountain biking, where precision and reliability are paramount, these adapters are a must-have for any suspension workshop committed to delivering top-notch service to avid riders.