Shock dyno adapters for MTB dampers

These shock dyno adapters for MTB dampers are made in a usual LABA7 fashion, utilizing durable and reliable materials to ensure precision in performance testing. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these adapters serve a crucial role in enhancing the testing process for both forks and rear shocks on MTB bicycles.

 LABA7 shock dyno adapters for MTB forks and shocks

Self-preload clevis

This adapter streamlines shock absorber testing. It enables quick and easy mounting/dismounting of dampers and ensures efficiency in testing.

Especially convenient when testing shocks with expansion tanks.

Can be mounted both at the top and bottom.

Price – 200 EUR

MTB fork adapters

MTB fork adapter for these inserts:

  • 100 x15 mm
  • 110 x15 mm
  • 110 x 20 mm


Price – 430 EUR

Trunnion adapter

It offers efficient and secure attachment and detachment of shock absorbers during testing. Its protective design safeguards shocks, ensuring a damage-free testing process.


Price – 210 EUR

Set of adapters for MTB cartridges:

  • RockShox – RS32 M29x1, RS35 (old) M33x1, RS35 (new) M32x0,5, (Bottom) D8, RS38 M35x0,75/Ohlins RXF38
  • Öhlins – RXF36 M34x1, DH38 M35x1, (Bottom) D12

  • FOX – 32” 1-11/64″ – 28G, 34” 1-15/64” – 32G, 36” 1-5/16” – 32G, 38” 1-3/8” – 32G, 40” 1-31/64” – 32G, (Bottom) D13,5

Price – 800 EUR

  • SR Suntour – AURON RC2 M32x1, RL-RC PCS M31x1, DUROLUX R2C2 D10, (Bottom) D8, RL-RC PCS M29x1

Price – 400 EUR

Why to use shock dyno adapters for MTB dampers?

Shock dyno adapters for MTB dampers are essential components in the evaluation of suspension systems, acting as the interface between the shock dyno and the specific geometry of the bicycle damper. By providing a standardized connection, these adapters ensure that the test conditions accurately replicate real-world scenarios, leading to more reliable and repeatable results.

This precision is paramount in the development and fine-tuning of mountain bike suspension systems, allowing engineers and manufacturers to optimize performance and responsiveness. With LABA7 shock dyno adapters, the testing process becomes a cornerstone in achieving the highest level of accuracy, ultimately contributing to the advancement of MTB suspension technology.