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Suspension Dyno

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Shock absorber dyno is the only tool able to establish the correct work and efficiency of your shock and also to do analysis in the case of malfunction , so, it permit a complete
check of the element. Its is a must have device if you are rebuilding or building suspension!

There are a lot the applications of Dyno Shock Absorber: Cars, Motorcycle, Quad and ofcourse for Track, Raid, Rally, or Cross!


Shock dyno measures the rebound and compression force of the damper. The load cell is the device to “capture” the force data during a test, and a very hi-precision displacement sensor measures the shock- absorber travel. A “scotch-yoke” mechanism allows the shock-absorber obscillation in the dyno.

LABA7 Suspension Dyno Software is an application that allows users to measure shock absorber performance.

You can see live force/discplacemnt graph, which is updated hundread times per second!

Also you are able to see live temperature of shock, so you can see how it changes.

After the test is stopped and data is recorded you are able to see closely how shock was working.

Force/displacement graph is very good for showing where in the shock’s stroke various things happen. It helps isolate force changes due to shimstacks opening and closing, bleeds topping out, seals sticking, cavitation etc. Accordingly, it is most helpful when trying to build a shock or diagnose a wonky one.

Moreover you are able to compare graphs before and after shock rebuild or after revalving.

The Force/Velocity graph is the most useful for determining shock quality. A well constructed shock will produce a trace with very little hysteresis gap between the “bump-accelerating” and “bump-decelerating” (and “rebound-accelerating/rebound-decelerating for that matter) portions of the trace. No shock is ever perfectly on the same force (no gap) but you want it as narrow as possible.

After all tests are performed and shock gives desired results you always want to print the proof of that for your client!

Its possible to have your logo and contact information on print sheet.

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