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This Shock Absorber Dynamometer is a vital tool for evaluating and improving your shock abosorber’s performance. It measures damper’s rebound and compression forces and is a must have device for building, rebuilding, or tuning suspension. 

Apply the dyno to cars, motorcycles, quads and, of course, at track, raid, rally, and cross.



During a test, scotch-yoke mechanism creates shock-absorber oscillation.The schock dyno’s load cell captures the damper’s rebound and compression force data, while a high-precision displacement sensor monitors the shock absorber’s suspension travel.

With the help of LABA7 Suspension Dyno Software, easily measure your shock absorber’s performance, detect and fix malfunction.

The shock dyno is operated with LABA7 software (Windows OS compatible). Connect the dyno to wifi, and it will translate the testing data into 3 graphs:


Live Force-Displacement Graph

With the force shown on the vertical axis and displacement – on horizontal, the graph portrays the force a shock generates when it travels through its motion in both, the compression and rebound damping phases.

Therefore, when updated hundreds of times per second, it shows where exactly (in the shock’s stroke / cycle) malfunctions occur. It isolates the force changes due to shimstacks opening and closing, bleeds topping out, seals sticking, cavitation, etc.

  • Use the graph when builiding a shock or diagnosing a faulty one.
  • Compare graphs before and after shock rebuild. Or after revalving.
  • See live temperature of shock and how it changes during the test.

The Force/Velocity graph

As the dyno runs through a set of velocities, it plots force recorded at each velocity.

With force on the vertical axis and velocity on horizontal, the shape of the curve determines shock quality.

A well constructed shock will produce a curve with a very little hysteresis gap between the “bump-accelerating” and “bump-decelerating” (and “rebound-accelerating/rebound-decelerating for that matter) portions of the curve.

  • Print this graph for your client and add your logo / contact info

Force / AVG Velocity

Use this plot to:

  • Compare shocks to one another,
  • See the effects of adjusters or valving changes
  • Match shocks left to right

The AFV plot is only valid if the hysteresis gap on the Force-Velocity plot is narrow. Otherwise the FAV plot will fail to detect the shock’s malfunction.

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